Even if you don’t know how to play!

Now that football is over, I can definitely feel that lull.  No players to scout, matchups to exploit, no lineups to draft, sigh!  SO what to do with all your free time?  Well let me tell you, Daily Fantasy Hockey is the answer!

Yeah I know what you’re saying, I don’t really know all the players, hell, I can’t even pronounce half their names.  Well if you’re like me you watch some hockey, but there are ways you can exploit matchups even without knowing all the players.

Not only is hockey a great contact sport like Football, but there are games every day!  You can play when you want to play.  You have a chance to win money every day as opposed to playing Daily Fantasy Football , which only pays you out once a week after ALL the games have been played.  Daily Fantasy Hockey goes by the games on a daily basis so you get PAID OUT EVERYDAY!

How I got started

It’s no different than the first few times you played Fantasy Football or Baseball, after setting a few lineups and seeing how players perform or how the teams are doing, you start to learn the players you like and which team they play for.  Believe me it doesn’t take too long, especially with games being played everyday, you will quickly see who the stud players are and where to find your value picks.

What I really love about daily fantasy hockey is that you can play every day!

I played Draftkings .25 cent games and FanDuel $1 contests to get comfortable.

Almost any FanDuel fantasy hockey strategy can work, if you draft the right players.  Sounds easy enough right? Well here are some daily fantasy hockey tips to help you select the right players to win your FanDuel hockey game.

Best Daily Fantasy Hockey Website to Play on

I’ve tried a few different places, but the best two I like most for fantasy hockey are FanDuel and DraftKings.

I like each for different reasons.  FanDuel’s scoring is pretty straight forward, points for goals, assists, plus/minus for the line they play on and shots on goal.  On DraftKings, they have the same scoring but add a few more categories such as s blocked shots.

Now like I said earlier, I am not an expert at fantasy hockey.  I really started playing because football was over and I had some time on my hands.  I managed to get the hang of things, using my own winning strategy that used for playing daily fantasy football.

I wanted to share some of the tips we learned and how you can start playing and “experiment” without it costing you much money.  DraftKings has games you can play for as little as .25 cents!  FanDuel has games starting at just $1!  Then when you get the hang of it, start joining higher paying contests.

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Daily Fantasy Hockey Tips

Know your contest and your website’s settings

When creating your roster, your approach must consider both the contest you’re entering and the scoring of the website you’re playing on.  For instance DraftKings Fantasy Hockey, counts stats such as hits and blocked shots so you may find additional value in particular defensemen, for example. If you’re playing in a 3000 team guaranteed prize pool contest where only the top 400 teams get paid, you may want to consider a few high-risk, high-reward players like you would do in Daily Fantasy Football. In cash games like a 50/50 contest, you would want players with a higher floor since you just need to be in the top 50% of entries.

Matchups Matter

Know which matchups to exploit.  Know how the teams are doing for each nights set of games. Does one team score a lot of goals?  Are they playing against the worst team in the league that lets up a lot of goals?  Also look for things such as a road team playing back to back games,

Teams who struggle killing penalties are great matchups to exploit since many websites give you points for power play goals.  Listen to or look up the injury reports and find teams who are relying on their backup goaltender, or maybe lost their star player.

Start with your Goalie

Goalies are pretty expensive and a good goalie is important to winning your fantasy matchup.  This is why I like to pick a goalie first and then plan out the rest of my lineup with the money I have left over.

Goalies are important because you get points for shots saved, a shutout and lose points for goals against.  The other big thing you goalies get points for is for winning the game.  The winning goalie gets an additional 3 fantasy points that can make a big difference in winning or losing your H to H or 50/50 contests.

However, picking the wrong one will cause you to lose it. There are all kinds of approaches to selecting your goaltender, but the one is I like selecting a high-end option that you know will not allow many goals, get the win and possibly even the shutout.

Regardless of how you pick one, start with your goaltender and build your team around him to avoid having to pick one based on your remaining budget.

Cheap first line forwards

Keep an eye out for players moving up the depth chart, especially to those playing on the top line.  Not only will they get more playing time, but they will be playing most likely on the top scoring line and will be more likely to get assists, goals or even plus/minus points.

Identify Power Plays and Players

Know which players are on power play units and which teams have a good or weak power play unit.  This is important because over 20% of NHL goals are scored during power plays.  NHL teams get on average over 3 power play chances every game, which results in more  shots on net and more chances to score goals!  Look for fantasy players that are on top power play units and see which tend to score more power play goals as many sites give extra fantasy points for them. 

I don’t normally pay up for a defenseman, but don’t be afraid to pay up for one that can produce.  If the schedule is thin and you have the choice of third round  center or a defenseman that gets a lot of ice time and power play time, it is worth it to pay up.

Have any Daily Fantasy Hockey Tips to share?


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