How to Win at Fanduel & DraftKings – Weekly Fantasy Football Strategy

FanDuel Fantasy Football Strategy

FanDuel is quickly becoming the most popular daily (weekly) fantasy football site on the internet as it piggy backs on the popularity of the NFL and Fantasy Football in general.

When playing a weekly fantasy football game on a site like FanDuel, you need to have a different approach then playing a season long fantasy game.  For starters, all players are available to draft, but you have the extra salary cap feature which prevents people from just selecting a team of only star players.  This is where the skill comes in.  It makes you have to find value plays, guys that have a low price tag but have a big upside.

FanDuel Weekly fantasy leagues also have four different types of games you can enter.


Regular Types of FanDuel Games

All of FanDuel’s games have a salary cap, which means every player has a price and you must submit a lineup that fits under that cap.

Head-to-Head (H2H) – Play your lineup against an opponent’s lineup. You can either, create your own H2H game and have someone select it OR you can enter another person’s matchup. If you create a game and no one selects your fantasy matchup, it’ll be automatically be matched up with another H2H contest that was not filled.

Leagues – Leagues can be anywhere from 3 people to 200 people. Some FanDuel fantasy leagues are Winner Take All (WTA) leagues and other leagues pay out the top 3 or top 5 winners. You also have the ability to create your own league, and make your own settings. Any Fantasy leagues that are not filled, will not run and you’ll be refunded your entry fee.

50/50 – 50/50 games are very popular on FanDuel and make for a great strategy on Fanduel as well as DraftKings.  The top half of the league players win the same amount of money and the bottom half of the league lose. It’s that simple. So if the league is a $10 50/50 featuring 20 teams, the 10 teams that score the most would each get $18 and the other ten teams (the bottom half) lose.

Weekly Fantasy Football Strategy Tips to Help You Win at FanDuel and DraftKings

Im going to give you some basic tips to use, a  Fanduel Strategy so to speak, that will help ensure you’re using the best possible strategy when playing daily fantasy football (also known as weekly fantasy football) on Fanduel.

The information in this my strategy is meant for newer players – if you are more experienced you may want to look at

This is a basic strategy for newer those looking to win at FanDuel or DraftKings.  If you are looking ofr advance strategies check out our posts for  weekly Fantasy strategies.

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Getting Started

In order to win with any FanDuel football strategy, you need to understand and master any site specific rules, such as scoring, and player pricing.

Fanduel NFL Football Starting Roster and Scoring

FanDuel football requires that your starting lineup consist of one quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, one tight end, one kicker, and one defense. Unlike typical season long fantasy leagues, there’s no flex position. You simply want to find the best values at each spot.

A Players value is determined by how a player’s projected production compares to the salary that FanDuel gives him. Of course that production is based on projects using FanDuel’s scoring system, so let’s take a look at that so you can see how that compares to your season long fantasy leagues.

Much of FanDuel’s NFL scoring is standard fantasy football scoring, but let’s take a look at some areas where it differs as it will drastically alter your Fanduel football strategy:

  •  Passing Yards = 0.04 points

Quarterbacks receive one point per 25 yards or 0.04 points per passing yard. This is pretty stand among most season long yahoo or espn fantasy leagues.

  • Passing Touchdowns = 4 points

FanDuel awards four points per passing touchdown which is also stand fantasy scoring.  Some leagues that use two quarterbacks or give six points for a passing touchdown would enhance the quarterback position making it more dominant making the need for a stud quarterback very important.

  • Receptions = 0.5 points

This is what sets FanDuel’s apart in terms of scoring is that they award only a half-point per catch, also known as PPR,  whereas most other sites and leagues scoring are either full PPR (one point per reception) or standard (no points for catches).

The 0.5-point per reception format gives a little extra value to pass-catching running backs and high-volume wide receivers/tight ends, but not to such a degree that you necessarily need to start them as you would in a full point PPR league. You need to base your decision on your perceived value, so if a running back who doesn’t catch many passes has a salary that’s too low relative to the number of points you’ll think he’ll score, he would be valuable.

It’s important to adjust your roster selections to account for that the 0.5-point per reception scoring system.  If you do a little research this can really work in your favor and help you to get an edge on the average daily fantasy players. Most fantasy owners have a pretty good idea of player value in standard and full PPR leagues, but cant grasp how to make the  0.5-point PPR work for them. They often make their selections as though no points or a full point are given for a reception, which creates an advantage for those putting in the work to account for the 0.5-PPR scoring into their projections.

  •  Long Field Goals = more points, Standard

Finally, field goals are similar to standard fantasy scoring.  Kickers receive more points for longer field goals on FanDuel (four points for field goals from 40 to 49 yards and five points for field goals 50+ yards). On an individual level, it’s going to be really difficult and perhaps impossible to predict field goal length from game to game. It’s simply too random, but you can see how a particular team’s kicker and opposing teams defense is trending.

Top kickers on potent offenses tend to score more just because they’ll get more field goal tries in general, or maybe a team that tend to have drives that stall out which will of course result in a greater quantity of long field goal tries.

That’s not to say that you should be paying top dollar for kickers, but no need in most cases to over spend for one since their production is so hard to predict from game to game. So things to consider may be the weather in a particular game or if a game is indoor or not


FanDuel NFL Football Player Salary Trends

One of the most important and overlooked aspects of playing on any daily fantasy sports site is understanding how they traditionally price each position as a whole, and how that build your team. Like any other site, FanDuel tends to price specific positions or types of players a certain way, and understanding how they do it can help you exploit possible salary projections.

It’s important to know that player pricing can always change, but one way FanDuel has traditionally done so is based on a particular players matchup, performance or how popular a selection a player is, which is usually a product of the two.

Another way that FanDuel’s pricing differs from other daily fantasy sites is that there’s relatively little difference in the price of the top defense and kicker to the lowest priced.

These low priced option defenses and kickers are typically the best values on other sites like DraftKings, that’s not always the case on FanDuel. Many top daily fantasy players pay up for the better team defenses, because they are often priced within $1,000 of the lowest priced options.


What I mean by that is to use all the information available to make they best decisions. Its important when playing on FanDuel because the site actually shows you percentage owned stats.  This is the percentage of players who started a particular player.  Many people don’t realize this, but FanDuel shows this information after the Thursday night game starts.

When going through these percentages, you can see which players are highly owned and which ones you may have overlooked.

This is especially helpful when playing large Sunday tournaments. You can use ownership rates to identify players who will be in a lot of the GPPs games that you enter on Sunday.

A technique I like to do when filling out my Sunday lineups, is to take a “contrarian” approach, avoiding the highly owned players to create a unique lineup. In the event there is an unexpected twist in a game, having a lineup that the masses didn’t enter gives you a chance to stand out and possibly win money at your Fanduel  Fantasy Football game.

Here’s an example of why a contrarian lineup can be useful in large-field leagues. As it relates to FanDuel, the take-home point is to monitor those percentages at some point between Thursday night and Sunday morning.

Lastley, it’s important to match your game lineup strategy to your game type using ceiling, floor, and consistency stats. Because FanDuel and DraftKings have a number of different games from tournaments, head-to-head and 50/50’s – the game types that require safety, such as cash games (H2H and 50/50) —you should look to draft players who are consistent from week to week and have high floors. What aplayers projections are is just as important as is the probability of a player reaching a particular baseline of production.

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