Every week, each daily fantasy football site assigns a salary to each player based on a number of different things such as projected points, popularity, matchup, etc.  As good as they are they do make mistakes.  Sometimes each may value a player differently and other times they just cant plan for injuries. This results in a wide range of valuations for each player.

Our analytical data driven approach not only identifies salary discrepancies between the sites, allowing you to assess a player’s value on each site. Our analysis allows you to avoid over priced or overvalued players and find the players of real value in building your team. How do you know if a player is overvalued?

Well there are two was of being overvalued.  One was is if FanDuel has a player salary at $8,000 and DraftKings has the same player for $6,000.  The other way is if expected production, matchup and the buzz over a player are high and they price a player high.  At that point you need that player to score alot of points to make their salary worth it.  If they don’t, it could kill your line up.

Finding Value based on Projections

In this example, the obvious choice based on matchup seems to be Aaron Rodgers.  Chances are he may beat his projection for the week, but what if he doesnt?  His salary is $9,700 so you need Aaron Rodgers to score at least what he is projected to do otherwise you have less money to spend on other players to make up for those fantasy points.

QB options 2

Instead, by looking at projected points, we can see Drew Brees is projected to do well and at a much cheaper salary of $8,900.  That’s a $800 savings that could be used to pay for a top flight wide receiver like Julio Jones or Odel Beckham Jr.

Players with high upside we highlight their projections in GREEN to show we believe they can beat the experts projections.

Value Upside Play

 Identifying Potential Sleepers

Finding potential break out or “sleeper” play is extremely important when playing GPP tournaments against 57,000 -383,000 other entries.  With that many entries, theres a good chance a lot of contest entries will contain the same players. The Salary Cap Crusher highlights these potential sleeper picks even if the experts don’t project them to score many points.  Thats where football intuition comes in to give you the edge!

Finding Sleepers2
Value Upside Play

How to Read the Player Data and Make use of our Color Codes

If your like me, you like to enter a number of ldiffernet lineups in tournaments(GPP games), and 50/50 games, but its hard to process the data going between the different FanDuel and DraftKings websites.

Its easy to like a player like Chris Ivory on Draftkings and automatically put him in your FanDuel lineups without realizing that his price is extremely higher.  So now you start having trouble creating your salary under the cap with the player you want to use this week.  That means you have to hurry up and plug someone else in.

Well now not only can you find that value player easily, but you will know I’ll use Chris Ivory on DraftKings, but on FanDuel Im going with Freeman and Martin.

Salary Cap Crusher Value and Upside Color Code Example


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