Conference Week Wide Receivers and Tight Ends to Target

Conference Week Wide Receivers and Tight Ends to Target

Fantasy Football

 Top Fantasy Opportunities Based on Divisional Week

Like every week, if you want to win money from your FanDuel or DraftKings daily fantasy football contests, you need to look at the numbers to tell you the whole story;  Otherwise you are just guessing.

Over the course of the season I’ve talked about standard deviation and coefficient of variation, but this today I want to focus on different metric you should be using to create your winning daily fantasy football lineups.

This week since the slate of games is getting smaller as is the player pool, I wanted to take a look at which players are getting the most opportunities (targets) to score points.

After compiling some stats, it’s clear that Julian Edelman and Larry Fitzgerald are seeing the bulk of the targets last week.  This is evident by their prices on FanDuel and DraftKings this week as well, so most DFS players will be on these two players.  It will be hard to work both of these guys in your lineup this week especially if you want to include one or two of the top RB’s this week.  That’s why we need to use this data to help us find our 2nd and/or 3rd receiver this week.

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