NFL wants teams to give full pat-downs to fans attending games

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In an attempt to improve safety at games, the NFL wants teams to give full pat-downs to all fans entering stadiums during the 2011 season.

USA Today reported that the league issued a memo to teams before the season requesting that pat-downs from the ankles up be administered to the 17 million fans who are expected to attend games this season. Previously, pat-downs from the waist up were suggested.

An NFL spokesman told the newspaper that fans should expect longer waits to enter the stadiums but asked for patience for both the delays and the more-invasive process.

I’m sure if these measures would really enhance fan security that nobody would have a problem with waiting a few extra minutes to get into the stadium. I just can help but think that this is an attempt to “show” the NFL’s concern with “fan security” as well as just general safety.

I dont know how this extra time wasting pat down will accomplish that As it is someone snuck a taser into the New York Jets vs. Dallas Cowboys game last week. You can pretty much get in with anything you want as long as you are not carrying it out in the open.

In fact at the game last Sunday, I saw security harassing a guy about trying to bring a CD player into the stadium (Yes, I thought he was an idiot for not leaving it in the car and even stranger that he didnt have headphones for it… Hmmmm)

My point is that this will make waits to get in the stadium that much longer. As it is it took about 45 minutes to get in the Jet game(82,000 fans will now take longer it get into the game).

Isnt the NFL supposed to be making the fans experience better? I dont see it. Guess more people will be missing kickoff!

The NFL Finally Embraces Fantasy Footbal

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The NFL finally embraces fantasy football…  now when you’re in the stands at an NFL stadium, and you left your handheld device in the car and you have no idea how your fantasy football team is doing.

If only they’d show out-of-town fantasy football statistics on the scoreboard.

A Fantasy? Not anymore.

Starting with Thursday’s New Orleans Saints-Green Bay Packers season opener at Lambeau Field, all NFL teams have been directed to show real-time fantasy football statistics on their scoreboards, league spokesman Brian McCarthy said, USA Today reported.

Previously, it was at the discretion of the league’s 32 teams whether to display out-of-town individual statistics on stadium video boards.

While many fans do follow their fantasy teams on their phone or handheld device, the league — aware that fans can choose their living room, high-definition television and the Internet over paying for tickets, parking, food and drinks at the stadium — wants fans to feel connected to the fantasy football experience in the stands.

“We know we have to continue to do more to keep fans coming to our games.,” McCarthy said, according to the report. “We’re looking at ways to further replicate the at-home experience in the stadium.”

Chargers re-sign WR Malcom Floyd

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The undrafted Floyd has spent his entire five-year NFL career with San Diego.

The San Diego Chargers re-signed wide receiver Malcom Floyd to a two-year contract Saturday.

The receiver, who will turn 30 in September, snagged a career-best six touchdown receptions in 2010 as he helped the Chargers fill the void ofVincent Jackson, who didn’t report to the team until late in the season due to a contract dispute.

He also averaged a career-high 19.4 yards per reception in 11 games last season. He has 134 receptions in his career, good for 2,314 yards and 15 receiving touchdowns.

The Chargers also waived fullback Kenny Younger.

Michael Vick out; Kevin Kolb to start

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PHILADELPHIA — Kevin Kolb has another chance to prove he’s a capable starting quarterback.

Kolb will replace the injured Michael Vick when the Philadelphia Eagles visit San Francisco on Sunday. Vick didn’t practice all week because of a rib cartilage injury, and won’t travel with the team.

Though coach Andy Reid didn’t rule Vick out for the game until Friday, Kolb has been preparing as if he would play.

“I approached it like that all week, and that’s the way you have to do it, so it doesn’t change anything in my mind,” Kolb said. “But it just helps you focus in on that you’re the guy and you’ve got to go in and win.”

Vick was hurt in the first quarter of Philadelphia’s 17-12 loss last Sunday to Donovan McNabb and the Washington Redskins.

Mike Tolbert likely to start for Chargers, Mathews sits

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It’s semi-official: San Diego running back Ryan Mathews(notes) is “almost certain to be inactive” at Seattle on Sunday, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Details here…

Mathews ran on a treadmill Thursday and still held out hope, but indications are that Mike Tolbert(notes), who replaced Mathews against the Jaguars and ran 16 times for 82 yards and two touchdowns, will start in Mathews’ place.

Mathews suffered a high ankle sprain in the victory over Jacksonville in Week 2. Despite the rookie’s well-documented desire to return to action, it appears the Chargers will shelve him this Sunday, in a game they should be able to win without his services. Tolbert immediately becomes a viable fantasy option in standard formats, and he’ll continue to have at least modest value when Mathews returns. The 243-pound Tolbert has clearly claimed a role in goal-to-go situations.

Inez Sainz – Know the Inherent Risks of Your Profession

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Inez Sainz – Know the Inherent Risks of Your Profession

Many women in the media seem to want to make a name for themselves by going into sports media.  Most have never played sports so I find this puzzling, especially with a sport like football that 99% of women have never even played!

So if you want to keep putting yourself out there and getting in men’s locker rooms while they are showering and not dressed, I think female reporters need to be told the risks of doing their job and that they are inherent to the position, so you can’t complain and create lawsuits over every little thing.

With that being said, If you take a position as a cop there is a chance you can get shot, so will you complain and sue someone if you do? Just because you are a woman you can’t expect special treatment.  The nature of the job is what it is.  Don’t take the job if you can’t perform the functions of it or are bothered by part of it.

If you became an ironworker and work building bridges or skyscrapers, there is an inherent risk that you may fall off and get seriously injured.  That is just the way it is, you can’t complain about the working conditions.

If you are going to go into an environment where you are dealing with young, testosterone driven men, and wear tight jeans and stick your chest out, you are probably going to get some form of harassment, women in general know this when they walk past construction sites.

So they allegedly threw some balls near you, so what.  Adolescent men do that all the time so they can go over and talk to the women when they go over to retrieve the ball.

Other serious female reporters in the media are angry with Ms. Sainz.  They way she dresses and acts as a reporter, as well as using the attention from this story to further her career.  She has not turned down an interview since it happened.

I wish that teams would start banning female reporters that have know issues like these and not give them interviews or access to team facilities.  Then maybe these sensitive female reports would get the hint and deal with things better if they really want to be serious sports journalists.

I feel they should NEVER let female reporters into mens locker rooms in the first place. Yeah I know they feel slighted that male reporters are allowed in locker rooms and they will miss out on the story, but do we send male reporters into female locker rooms while they are showering and naked?  No we don’t, so why do it the other way around.

If female reporters like Inez Sainz keep complaining, then they need to stop locker room access for women which im sure other serious female reports will not like.  They will just have to thank Ms. Sainz for that one!

Revis Signs New Deal

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FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — After a five-week holdout, Darrelle Revis returned to the New York Jets Monday and was greeted  by his teammates.

After reconnecting with his teammates, Revis repaired to an upstairs board room, where he was to sign his four-year, $46 million contract, culminating a seven-month odyssey that began when the Jets told Revis after the season they wanted to re-work his contract.

Just like that, the black cloud over the Jets was gone. Now they can get on with the business of trying to reach the Super Bowl.

When Did Tony Dungy Become Oprah?

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All week long we have been hearing about Tony Dungy criticizing Rex Ryan for cursing (yes cursing, NOT cussing) so much during training camp as shown on the HBO show, Hard Knocks.  Rex, I feel did the right thing and simply replied, he respects Tony, but said, just because you cuss, doesn’t make you a bad person, and just because a person doesn’t cuss, doesn’t mean they are a good person.

I would have left it at that and stop acknowledging anymore of the man’s comments, but apparently the media must keep going back to Tony and Rex for more to build up some kind of drama here.

Well now apparently Rex called Tony to talk about it (What the F#@k, bet Tony doesn’t like that I said that!)  So now Rex explained his side that that is who he is oh and Tony talked to people about Rex and they said good things about Rex to Tony…. Well Im so happy to hear that, like we really needed Tony Dungy to like Rex.

Well it gets better.  Rex then invites Tony out to see the training camp.  Geez is Tony that desperate since leaving football that this is how he stays in the public eye or did he suddenly become Oprah and we have to stay in his good graces?  Is this still the tough sport of football we are talking about here or a soap opera.

Will Tony ever talk to Rex again, or will Rex gain Tony’s approval.  Stay tuned next week to see on “ As the Football Turns”

What do you guys think?

Brett is Back… Again!

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August 18, 2010

Brett Favre is back, there’s a surprise.  This time in wacky fashion, it took a slumber party with his pals, Ryan Longwell, Jared Allen and Steve Hutchinson to go all the way down to Mississippi and convince Brett to come back with them and rejoin the team.  Im not sure I want to know what those guys were doing down there, ut somehow they convinced Favre to comeback… again.

I think my readers, like me, knew he was coming back all along, but it was very cleaver of Brett to blame the ankle and his health, etc but say it was ultimately about the great group of guy on the team, so he wants to win it for them… yeah ok (cough)  Im sure it had nothing to do with the extra  3.5 – 7 million dollars he can earn this year in incentives… nah couldn’t be that.

But Brett just gives us that down home, country BS and sounds real sincere,.. kinda like another Brett I’ve meet…. Brett Michaels…. another phony.  Good thing Im good at seeing through this $hit.  Hopefully I can help you see through it too!