5 Draft Mistakes Fantasy Owners Make

5 Draft Mistakes Fantasy Owners Make

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Fantasy mistakes happen to all of us, but not learning from them is the real crime.  In a effort to avoid sabotaging your fantasy football season before it even starts, Let’s look at five common draft day mistakes fantasy owners make.

Having Your Draft Plan Written in Stone

One of the best things you can do to prepare for you draft is to create a plan of attack.  A draft strategy in conjunction with participating in a number of mock drafts is a great way to prepare.

The common mistake I see every season is the lack of flexibility with an owners draft plan.  They want specific players or to get their QB in a certain found that they are lost if someone takes their player.  You may be passing up on a great player by grabbing your QB to early.

Every draft is different and you need to be prepared to react to opportunities that arise. Be sure to look at what positions owners are drafting and what positions there may be a run on.  Be sure to create tier levels for your players so you can have a number of players in your queue just in  case someone else drafts “your guy”.  That why you can get another player you like instead of rushing an making a mistake.

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