Winning Lineup For Week 3

Weekly Fantasy Leagues: Putting Together a Winning Lineup for Week 3

Last week as a very good week that would have been better had the FanDuel website not crashed on Sunday!  Because it did, I did not get the week 2 lineup I created for you (lineup1) submitted for my entry into the FanDuel 120K Tournament.  I did however, get another line up in (lets call that lineup 2) that placed and won some money.

Lineup 1 I created for you would have come in about #35 out of 28,568ish entries or so, Not Bad!

Lineup 2 came in #1181 out of 28,568ish entries.

So I made some money, hopefully you did too.  Now let’s win some more!

This week I’m going to enter the $250K Sun NFL Rush, which has a $15,000 first prize for a mere $5 entry and the 350K Sun NFL Kickoff, which has a $30,00 first prize for a $10 entry.   What I like about the 350k Sun NFL Kickoff is that they pay out over about  6700 top entries.   After doing well and getting a little taste of success, now I’m really itching to build off of that.  This particular contest  ($250K Sun NFL Rush)has about 56,854 entries in it, so competition will be tough so we will need to find some good and unique value plays.   Now let me show you some good value picks to help get you under the cap.

After looking at some of the matchups, I went through each position to come up with a preliminary line up that looked like this:

QB:  Jay Cutler ($8,100)
RB:  Chris Johnson ($6,800)
RB:  Joique Bell ($6,800)
WR:  Calvin Johnson ($9,000)
WR:  Mike Wallace ($6,500)
WR:  T.Y Hilton($6,500)
TE:  Greg Olsen ($6,100)
K:     Steven Hauschka ($5,200)
DEF: New England Patriots ($5,400)

Total Salary:  $54,300

Remaining Salary:  $5,700


Jay Cutler ($8,100) vs NYJ jumped out at me.  He has been putting up some good numbers lately especially to his BFF Brandon Marshall.  Compared to guys like Rodgers and Manning going for almost $10K this is quite a discount.

Two other guys I like here are Andrew Luck($9,500) and Tom Brady($8,100).  Luck seems to put up good numbers when heplays the Jags and Brady, well he has a good match up but you never know if it will be the Tom Brady show or him handing the ball off all day.

Running Backs

Chis Johnson and Joique Bell are both going for ($6,800) and have good match ups, but since I have some extra money to spend, I either want to find another running back that gets more than 50-60% of touches like those guys get.

Kniles Davis ($7,000) has a good matchup against Miami and may get  at least 35 touches if Charles doesn’t play.
Amhad Bradshaw ($5,200) has a great match up even though he splits carries, but he is the Colts best runner and should find the endzone.

Other good deals are Darren Sproles ($6,000) and Chris Ivory ($5,800)

Wide Receivers

Here I wanted some guys with great matchups that consistently put up good numbers, so Im willing to spend most of my budget here this week.

I think I want to work Brandon Marshall into my lineup the way he played last week.  Seeing what Jordy Nelson did to the Jets last week, I Think Marshall should be able to do the same.

Good Value: Steve Smith Sr ($6,200), Mike Wallace ($6,500)

Tight Ends

I like a few guys on here this week, Greg Olsen ($6,100), Nile Paul ($5,000), Antonio Gates ($6,000)

Gates has been on fire lately, putting up Jimmy Graham type numbers and this week plays the Steelers, who just got burned for two TD’s from Owen Daniels and almost a late one by Dennis Pitta., Olsen is proven to be a solid target for Cam Newton and Niles Paul has quietly been putting up fantasy numbers.


Since Im in two different contests, Im going to alter my lineups a little so they are not exactly the same, but here is one of the lineups im entering:

QB:  Jay Cutler ($8,100)
RB:  Chris Ivory ($5,800)
RB:  Joique Bell ($6,800)
WR:  Calvin Johnson ($9,000)
WR:  Mike Wallace ($6,500)
WR:  Brandon Marshall ($8,200)
TE:  Niles Paul ($5,000)
K:     Dan Carpenter ($5,300)
DEF: Carolina Panthers ($5,600)

As you can see I have a lot riding on the Bears and Lions this week, so hopefully they don’t let me down!

Good Luck and lets win some games!

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