Winning Lineup for Week 2

Weekly Fantasy Leagues: Putting Together a Winning Lineup for Week 2

Last week I played in one of that weekly Fantasy Football league that are becoming very popular so I thought I would start a weekly article discussing the process of creating a weekly line up.

This week I’m playing in the $5 FanDuel Week 2 $120K Sun NFL Rush, (click here to play with me). First place was over $120,000(Nearly 5,000 people will win a prize) and you’re playing against over 30,000 other people.

If you play in these one-week leagues against so many people, it’s important to start players that other people may NOT be starting, but that have upside for the price you send on them.

I also expect a many players to select guys like Calvin Johnson or Peyton Manning, which are obviously going to put up pretty good numbers on a bad day, but for the price you have to pay for them (Peyton was over $10K) you have to sacrifice in other positions. This week you may see many players looking for Mark Ingram or Allen Hurns, since he scored twice and had over 100 yards last week, and his price is still low for now ($5,700). I usually avoid those guys just so my lineup will be different unless you think they those guys will repeat again.

One thing to remember in these weekly fantasy football games, isn’t just to pick the best players at each position (that would be to costly), but a strategy to find players who are the best value based on their match up that may get over looked by others and aren’t going to be in everybody other players. They don’t even need to be just sleepers, take for example Zack Ertz and Chris Johnson last week.

I usually start out making my line up by position while looking at each matchup.  Of course Im usually over my $60,000 budget at that point, so I start digging deeper trying to see who is a cheaper alternative based on their price.  For example I started with Vernon Davis ($6800 price tag) and saw that someone like Zack Ertz ($5,600, last week around $4,500) would be a good replacement even if he scored a few points less.

My preliminary Week 2 Starting Line Up:

QB: Andrew Luck ($9,400)
RB:  Giovani Bernard ($7,800)
RB:  Arian Foster ($8,300)
WR:  Jordy Nelson ($7,900)
WR:  Julio Jones ($8,400)
WR:  T.Y. Hilton ($6,400)
TE:  Julius Thomas ($
K:  Steven Hauschka ($5300)
DEF:  Arizona ($5,300)

As you can see, I quite a bit over my salary cap.  So how can I trim my cap down while getting  quality players?  Luck should be in a shootout, but so should Andy Dalton, who has been putting up some good fantasy numbers every week.

Good Value at QB: Andy Dalton ($7800)

Running Backs

Now at running back some values I like are Shonn Green ($5,000) and Chris Johnson ($7,000).  Monte Ball has a very nice matchup with the Chiefs having some injuries, bu tfor now I like Foster and Bernard better, so I would like to see where else I can cut my salary cap down a bit.

Good Value at RB:  Shonn Green ($5,000) and Chris Johnson ($7,000).

Wide Receivers

I think Im going to stick with Jordy Nelson but may change out T.Y. Hilton for Reggie Wayne to save a few bucks.  Some other guys worthy of considerate are Randall Cobb ($7,600), Emmanuel Sanders ($6900) and Kendall Wright ($6,100)

Tight Ends

Ertz is already a great value, but another guy I like, especially this week with Cam Newton coming back is Greg Olsen ($6400) and Delanie Walker ($5000) playing the Cowboys.


Since I need to shave some money off my salary cap I like the kickers in the Buffalo vs Miami game

Good Value at kicker: Dan Carpenter ($4,800)


I think Im going to stick with Arizona.  They are a very opportunistic defense and the Giants have just looked awful on offense.   Other options could be Houston or Green Bay

Good Value at Defense: Arizona Cardinals ($5300)

Final Line Up

QB:  Andy Dalton ($7800)
RB:  Giovani Bernard ($7,800)
RB:  Arian Foster ($8,300)
WR:  Jordy Nelson ($7,900)
WR:  Emmanuel Sanders ($6,900)
WR:  Reggie Wayne ($6,200)
TE:  Delanie Walker ($5,000)
K:  Dan Carpenter ($4800)
DEF:  Arizona ($5,300)

Good Luck and lets win some games!

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