Week 8 DFS Stacks:  Stacking the Deck in Our Favor

A great strategy for building winning daily fantasy football lineups is by putting players together that have a positive correlation, we call this “stacking”.  Stacking is the process of putting players on the same team into your lineup because you believe they will have a great day.  In other words, if one player has a good day, chances are the players around them will have a good day too as is the case with QB and WR’s around them.

This is a popular way to find salary cap relief as well as increase your teams chance of scoring points.  Stacking is also risky, say if your quarterback has a bad day, chances are his receivers will have a bad day as well.  This is why stacking is more popular in large GPP tournaments, especially 3 player stacks, but you can do 2 player stacks in cash games and get away with it.

Stacks are also a great way to pivot off of “chalky” players.  Many tournament players may use a Brady to Gronk stack, but if you used Winston to Evans stack, you would be able to add Julio Jones to your lineup or maybe even use a Carr, Cooper and Crabtree stack in a great matchup to create a unique lineup.

Now there are many different types of stacks.  The most popular is QB/WR, QB/TE, WB/WR/TE, etc, but in some cases if you think the team will get a big lead or like to throw to their RB, then you can do a QB/WR/RB stack.

Whichever way you choose to build your lineup, you need to have a strategic reason to stack.  To win in big tournaments, you want to find a combination that will score a ton of points while being low owned. After all, who wants to win and split the prize with 100 other people!

For sake of this article, I will not talk about the Ryan/Jones stack ,the Brady/Gronk Stack or the Winston/Evans stack.
For now, let’s jump right into the Week 8 stacks.

Seattle Seahawks

QB: Russell Wilson ($8,200)
WR: Doug Baldwin ($7,200)
TE: Jimmy Graham (

This one is very interesting.  On the surface, its obvious because of how bad the Saints defense has been, but the way Russell Wilson has been playing, I think you will see that this stack will not be very high owned.  Vegas has the Seahawks with a 25.5-point implied total in this game, so we need to draft the players that will score those points. The Saints rank 29th DVOA against the pass so we want to the Seattle passing attack.  Russell Wilson has been struggling, but he likes to run; even though he’s a bit banged up he still is capable against this defense.  Doug Baldwin makes another great option.  He runs most of his routes out of the slot, so he will get better CB/WR match ups.  And if you stack Graham in there too, I’m sure he will do his patented dunk on his former team on Sunday.

New York Jets

QB: Ryan Fitzpatrick ($7,300)
WR: Brandon Marshall ($7,400)

While DFS players are talking about the with Matt Ryan and Julio Jones stack , many people are missing a stack with a great matchup and at a cheaper price.  Ryan Fitzpatrick to Brandon Marshall stack is a very sneaky play this week.  Marshall’s price tag this week is great considering the potential for a big day.   The Jets face off this week against the Cleveland Browns’ who sport a 30th-ranked pass defense, which is something we need to focus on.  While Joe Haden may be back for this one, its his first game back and he is beatable.  Brandon Marshall also has a distinct height advantage that will make things harder for the Browns.  The news of Haden coming back may also work in our favor as another reason to expect this to be a low-owned stack.

Houston Texans

QB: Brock Osweiler ($6,600)
WR: DeAndre Hopkins ($7,600)
WR: Will Fuller ($

This is a very risky stack this week.  I doubt many people will consider rostering it just because they can’t click the draft button next to Brock Osweiler’s name.

Brock Osweiler, has been one of the worst starting quarterback in the league so far this year, but with a his great matchup, he will saves you a lot of salary cap space so that you can stack them with DeAndre Hopkins or $6,600 for Will Fuller,  and afford to pay up for other guys like Julio Jones or David Johnson.  Stacking the Texans players should really help you to differentiate your lineups from other players instead of using the chalky value plays for the week.  Osweiler has not hit 20 fantasy points this season so only use him in very large GPP tournaments.

Good luck in your tournies this week and heres hoping you cash out!

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