When Did Tony Dungy Become Oprah?

All week long we have been hearing about Tony Dungy criticizing Rex Ryan for cursing (yes cursing, NOT cussing) so much during training camp as shown on the HBO show, Hard Knocks.  Rex, I feel did the right thing and simply replied, he respects Tony, but said, just because you cuss, doesn’t make you a bad person, and just because a person doesn’t cuss, doesn’t mean they are a good person.

I would have left it at that and stop acknowledging anymore of the man’s comments, but apparently the media must keep going back to Tony and Rex for more to build up some kind of drama here.

Well now apparently Rex called Tony to talk about it (What the F#@k, bet Tony doesn’t like that I said that!)  So now Rex explained his side that that is who he is oh and Tony talked to people about Rex and they said good things about Rex to Tony…. Well Im so happy to hear that, like we really needed Tony Dungy to like Rex.

Well it gets better.  Rex then invites Tony out to see the training camp.  Geez is Tony that desperate since leaving football that this is how he stays in the public eye or did he suddenly become Oprah and we have to stay in his good graces?  Is this still the tough sport of football we are talking about here or a soap opera.

Will Tony ever talk to Rex again, or will Rex gain Tony’s approval.  Stay tuned next week to see on “ As the Football Turns”

What do you guys think?

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