Week 15 -Taking a Look at the Redzone to Get You In the Green Zone

Week 15 -Taking a Look at the Redzone to Get You In the Green Zone

Decker RedZone TDSerious daily fantasy football players look at a number of stats from matchups, to player cost, to touches, etc to draft the right player for their DFS lineups.  Daily fantasy football has a large variance, because a touchdown can make such a big difference in a players score.  That’s why I like to look for players that have a good chance of scoring to help get me the most fantasy points. Today Im going to highlight a couple of wide receivers you may want to consider adding to your lineup this week.

Lets start with one of the top redzone touchdown leaders this year. 


Jacksonville’s Allen Robinson has 10 TDs in the redzone this season.  Including yardage, he has 69 fpts  in the redzone total.  Robinson received 17 targets and caught 12 of those balls for a 71% completion percentage. In addition to being Jacksonvilles top target, it doesn’t hurt to know that Robinson is also a redzone favorite of Black Bortles.  If that wasn’t enough to get you to put him in your lineup this week, he also has a sweet match against the New Orleans Saints who have the worst ranked defense this season.

New York Jets wide outs Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker have combined to have a great season, especially when it comes down to redzone targets and efficiency.  Marshall and Decker both have 7 redzone touchdowns on 9 receptions each, but Decker actually has 3 more targets than his counterpart Marshall who has 14 targets.

The third tier of redzone touchdown pass catchers consist of two Detroit Lions, Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate, and Larry Fitzgerald, each having 6 touchdowns.

If I were to ask you which Lions wide receiver had the most redzon targets or touchdowns and Im sure you would say Calvin Johnson, but oddly enough, when you look at all the Salary Cap Crusher stats, you would be surprised to see that its not.

Calvin Johnson actually has his 6 redzone TD’s on 15 targets and 10 receptions, whereas Golden Tate has his on 16 targets and 11 receptions.  Now Tate based on his weekly price range makes him more attractive that Johnson and add to that what we know now, that Tate has the same number of redzone targets and touchdowns.  Johnson does get a few extra yards that Tate, but that only amounts to 3 additional points.

Larry Fitzgerald is on a great office that scores a lot, but if you can decide when Cardinals WR to put in your lineup, maybe this will help.  Larry Fitzgerald has the most TD’s with 6 and got 13 targets haulin gin 9 of them for scores in the redzone.

Redzone touchdowns and targets are just two more things to take into consideration when drafting players for you daily fantasy football teams.  It stands to reason the more targets a wide receiver gets the more opportunities they have to score points.  Not all targets are the same, that’s why you need to consider both overall targets and redzone targets.

Good luck in your DFS games this week.

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