When to Draft a Player or Position: Part 2 Ranking and Drafting Your Team

Rankng Players Using Cross Positional Values – Putting it All Together

Now that we have our values at each position, lets put it all together using the top 5 players at each of the skill positions (QB, WR,RB, TE) and see how the top players from each position stack up

Cam Newton CAR QB 399 106
DeAndre Hopkins HOU WR 218 104
Rob Gronkowski NE TE 184 97
Doug Martin TB RB 199 82
Doug Baldwin SEA WR 191 77
A.J. Green CIN WR 188 74
DeAngelo Williams PIT RB 189 72
Jordan Reed WAS TE 158 71
Gary Barnidge CLE TE 158 71
Todd Gurley LA RB 187 70
Lamar Miller MIA RB 185 68
Greg Olsen CAR TE 148 61
Delanie Walker TEN TE 148 61
Eric Decker NYJ WR 173 59
Larry Fitzgerald ARI WR 172 58
David Johnson ARI RB 174 57
Tom Brady NE QB 347 54
Russell Wilson SEA QB 333 40
Stephen Gostkowski NE K 168 40
Blake Bortles JAC QB 332 39
Carolina CAR DEF 152 39
Arizona ARI DEF 147 34
Graham Gano CAR K 161 33
Denver DEN DEF 144 31
Kansas City KC DEF 143 30
Carson Palmer ARI QB 320 27
Blair Walsh MIN K 152 24
Chandler Catanzaro ARI K 151 23
Josh Brown NYG K 149 21
Philadelphia PHI DEF 127 14

How to Draft Your Fantasy Football Team

While we all what an end all be all answer to this questions, I’m sorry to say that there is none.  When going into a fantasy football draft you need to be very flexible.  One of the biggest mistakes fantasy football owners make is going into their fantasy draft with a plan that is written in stone.

.Again these are just guidelines.  If you have 2 WR after round 5 and Cam Newton is sitting there in round 6, I wouldn’t fault you for grabbing Cam.  Don’t feel like you have to draft a QB or TE just because you drafter your starting WR’s and RB’s/

What about if you have 2 RB’s and DaVonta Freeman is sitting there in round 3?  You would be crazy to grab a mid- round WR instead of a top tier RB.

Using our cross positional analysis, if you see there is still good talent out there with a minimal drop off at a position such as WR, grab that stud RB even if its your 3rd RB.

On the other hand, you don’t want to overdue drafting the best player available if you are still missing a starting TE or RB by the 13 round.  Otherwise you are sacrificing points that will be sitting on your bench in lieu of another player that will be starting every week.

Should I Go Zero Running Back and Draft Wide Receivers First?

For those of you that don’t know, zero running back is a drafting style that means you are waiting on Running backs until the 3 or 4th round.  It doesn’t mean you are not drafting any running backs at all, just had to put that out there.

The theory behind this is that over the last couple of years the league has turning into a passing league, which has started producing higher scoring fantasy wide receivers.  In order to cash in, owners want to grab as many “elite” fantasy players as possible

Should I Draft Two Running Backs in Rounds 1 and 2?

This was a practice that was popular for years because of the sharp drop off in talent after the “Elite” running backs were off the board.  These days with running back committees, injuries and the game itself changing to a passing league, running backs have been devalued.

Deciding who to draft should depend on who is available when its your turn.  If you notice the “elite” receivers off the board and there are some “elite” running backs available, draft that running back and grab a receiver next round.  If you use your cross positional numbers to determine the drop off in talent at each position that should help you decide not to take a mediocre wide receiver and miss out on an “elite” wide receiver.

You need to consider the opportunity cost of passing on a player.  If you pass on a WR, what wide receivers will be there by your next turn to draft if you pass on them now?  If the drop off is minimal, the opportunity cost is low.

Another thing to consider Is what other owners are looking for.  Look at the teams that drafted their WR’s before you.  They will most likely be looking for a running back in next round or two, so why not be ahead of the curve?  Always look at what the other team owners have been drafting.  This will help you know if they will be looking at the same player you have your eye on!

When to Draft Kickers and Team Defense/Special Teams

The entire fantasy world believes that you should draft your kicker and team defense with your last 2 picks at the end of the draft.  As you can see by looking at our calculations, we can support that thesis.

Unless you use the additional features in Yahoo to make the team defenses more important, there is very little difference in the performance of kickers and defenses as compared to other all the positions.

Again, we mentioned the drop off in kickers from the top kicker down to the last starting kicker (12th)is only 40 fantasy points.  Team defenses in standard leagues have the drop off is the same at 39 fantasy points.

This is why you are better off using your mid round picks to get some depth on your roster.  Players get hurt, or under perform, so having a decent quality player available to step in and replace him is priceless.  It’s easy to find kicker or defensive replacements, but it’s not easy to find guys on the waiver wire that get a guaranteed number of touches or targets

For those of you that play daily fantasy football, you already know how hard it is to predict kicker and defensive production.  There is so much variance, another metric to consider with your players production, with those positions because you do not know how many 40 + or 50+ field goals a kicker is going to kick in a game or how many interceptions or defensive touchdowns a defense is going to get.  It’s impossible to accurately predict. We can look at the likelihood of an event happening, but we can calculate production based on attempts, touches or targets like we can with the QB, RB, WR, or TE positions.  Try predicting which defense will repeat as the top fantasy performing this season, I rest my case!

How to Win Your Fantasy Football League?

Easy, if you want to win your fantasy football league, you need to make sure your team outperforms your opponent. I know, brilliant advice, but if you drafted well, you will have as many elite players as you can and quality replacements in case of injury’s or low productions.  If you do not have solid bench players that are getting targets or touches, you need to play the waiver wire to find you that gem that will go off.  These principles along with  good projections and an understanding of metrics there is no reason you shouldn’t win your leagues fantasy football championship this season!

Draft Strategy

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