FanDuel vs DraftKingsThere are a number of Daily Fantasy Football sites popping up, but the two major players(DraftKings bought DraftStreet) in the Daily fantasy
football space, it is time for a comparison review guide for those of you who aren’t sure which site to play on or not sure what the difference between the websites are.  Knowing each sites scoring goes a long way in trying to win at money on FanDuel and Draftkings. Let’s take a closer look at the differences of playing fantasy football at FanDuel vs DraftKings. They are the two largest one week fantasy football sites in the business.

FanDuel vs DraftKings – Bonus Offers for New Players – Signing Up

New player details.

  • FanDuel = 100% sign up bonus to $200 with promo code (claim this bonus)
  • DraftKings = 100% sign up bonus to $600 with promo code LOCKDOWN (claim this bonus)
  • Both sites offer free entry to new depositors into a free-roll for new players
  • FanDuel = HQ in New York, NY (review).
  • DraftKings = HQ in Boston, MA (review).

Real Money Football Leagues Available

One Week Fantasy Football Quick Comparison

  • Both sites offer Salary Cap leagues
  • FanDuel has a $60,000 Salary Cap and DraftKings has a $50,000 Salary Cap
  • FanDuel offers a weekly $1 league with a $10k prize as their least expensive entry
  • DraftKings offers a weekly $0.25 league called the ‘Quarter Arcade’ with a $1k prize pool
  • FanDuel has weekly $1, $2, $5, $10, $25 and  larger priced player leagues (over 1k players)
  • DraftKings has weekly $0.25, $1, $2, $3, $5, $10, $12, $20, $27, $50, $100, and $200 large player leagues

Both sites offers multiple types of games including H2H, small team leagues, double and triple ups and plenty of cash game style leagues. Both FanDuel and DraftKings also roll out the big money, life changing tournaments every week worth $1,000,000 guaranteed to the winner each week for a buy in of $27 on DraftKings and $25 on FanDuel.

Free-rolls – DraftKings has Free Football Leagues with Cash Prizes

  • DraftKings has one weekly free-roll with up to $1,000 prize pool (opening week they have 5+ real money freerolls you can join at no risk.
  • FanDuel currently does not list any free-rolls


Playing Fantasy Football at DraftKings and FanDuel

Fantasy Football DraftKings FanDuel
Fantasy Football DraftKings FanDuel
Line-Up QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR
TE, K, D
Salary Cap $50,000Top QB ~ $10k $60,000Top QB ~ $10k
Passing TD 4 4
Passing Yard .04 .04
300+ Passing Yards 3 0
Interception -1 -1
Rushing TD 6 6
Rushing Yard .1 .1
Fumble Lost -1 -2
Receiving TD 6 6
Receiving Yards .1 .1
Reception 1 0.5
100+ Yard Receiving Game 3 0
2 Point Conversion 2 2
Punt/Kickoff Return For TD 6 6
Sack 1 1
Interception 2 2
Fumble Recovery 2 2
Safety 2 2
Blocked Kick 2 2
0 Pts Allowed 10 10
1-6 Points Allowed 7 7
7-13 Pts Allowed 4 4
14-20 Pts Allowed 1 1
21-27 Pts Allowed 0 0
28-34 Pts Allowed -1 -1
35+ Pts Allowed -4 -4
Kick Extra Point 1 1
0-39 yard FG 3 3
40-49 yard FG 4 4
50+ yard FG 5 5


FanDuel and DraftKings Comparison

Both websites are top rated one week fantasy football sites however there are a number of important differences you need to know in order to take full advantage of when you play on them.

For starters, DraftKings is more of a true ‘PPR’ (points per reception) league where you earn 1 point for each reception. FanDuel on the other hand is a semi-PPR league because they offer .5 points per reception. This means if you play on DraftKings you will get more value from your RB’s if they catch a lot of passes or if your WR catch more passes compared to playing FanDuel.

Building lineups on both sites are a little different.  DraftKings does not use a KICKER position where as FanDuel does. Instead DraftKings adds a FLEX position so you can add RB, WR or TE.

One of the best features that DraftKings offers is the late player swap. A late player swap means that you can swap out a player for another one as long as their respective games have not started. Meaning if you have a WR playing on Monday night football and they come down with the flu or are a game time decision Monday morning you can swap that player if you want. On FanDuel, teams lock the moment that any of the games in that contest start.  You would be stuck getting a zero for that player if he doesn’t play.  For that reason, I tend to not take chances with any questionable players.

Drafting Your Team / Creating Line-Ups

Once you know how everything is scored and the rules for each site, you are ready to join a league and create your lineup.

  • Both sites list available games in the lobby. Click on one to enter a contest or to get more information as well as build a line-up.
  • Both sites provide news and information on each player. This is shown after you join a contest simply by clicking on a players name.
  • FanDuel shows FPPG (fantasy points per game), Games Played, Game Matchup, and Salary.
  • DraftKings shows the same stats but they also show “OPRK” which shows the opponents rank vs position.  This is extremely useful so you know how their opponent ranks against that position.  For example you are looking at T.Y. Hilton, but he is playing the New England Patriots who are lets save ranked 3 vs WR position.  This may help you decide to stay away from this matchup.
  • Both sites offer more in-depth information when you click on a players name including recent news, game log and summary. Draftkings provides a full list whereas FanDuel only provides a handful of past games.
  • Both sites allow you to easily edit your line-up and make changes to your team
  • Both sites have an import feature that will allow you to enter the same line-up into multiple leagues easily
  • DraftKings allows you to build a line-up first and then enter the line-up into as many leagues as you want.
  • FanDuel’s player pricing is very sharp whereas DraftKings player pricing is a little friendlier.  FanDuel forces you to work some value picks into your lineup making it you use a little more skill when you create your lineup.

Lineup Creation Tools Winner:  DraftKings

Watching Your Team Compete Live

Once your line-ups are set and the games begin now its time to watch your team and cheer on your players with live scoring.

  • DraftKings offers live updates with points flashing up on your team members whenever stats are updated (near real time). You can watch your team three different ways.  One, by lineup, two by contest and three if you click into a contest you can see more detailed stats for each of your players in real time.
  • DraftKings ‘My Contests’ tab is where all of your contests are listed and you can get a quick overview of how you are doing. You can see how much money you are winning, how many points out of 1st place you are, how much time (quarters, periods, etc) your remaining players have left, your oppositions points and their remaining time. Additionally you can see what the top prize is for each of the leagues you are in, all in one spot. This is something that FanDuel does not currently offer
  • DraftKings also has a ‘My Lineups’ tab where you can view each of your line-ups and compare them to one another. From there you can see which tournaments they are in and click through to get more details
  • The In-Game experience is much more exciting and entertaining at DraftKings
  • FanDuel has a my contest tab but its only laid out by contest.

Live Updates Winner: DraftKings

Both Sites have great apps, in fact FanDuel’s app has a nicer layout for viewing the contests than its website since it shows it by lineup

Winning Money in Fantasy Football

Both sites are legit, honest and trustworthy. They are the leaders in Daily Fantasy Football, the biggest thing to hit fantasy sports since maybe the internet. Seriously daily fantasy football has really taken off this 2014 / 2015 season as people really taking to the idea of one week leagues from all of the major sporting organizations (MLB, NBA and NFL). If you are out of your season long Fantasy league early in the season or when your league ends in week 13, many people are looking for something to be involved in so it works out great.

  • Win and you get paid – Both sites pay out via paypal, bank wire, check
  • Payouts are fast and easy – Both sites put your winning in your account when your contest is over.
  • $1 Million + up for grabs in prize money each week at both sites.

Both sites pay out after all games are complete and all stats are finalized. This usually takes a good few hours after the final games finish. Once finalized payouts are made and the cash appears in your account. You can easily withdraw the funds at any point in time.

Strategic Adjustments / Considerations For FanDuel vs DraftKings

  • Points run higher on DraftKings as they award more points for milestones (like 300+ yards passing, 100+ yards receiving / rushing)
  • You have to deal with picking a kicker on FanDuel. This is a point of frustration for many of us
  • RB’s who catch a lot of passes go up in value on DraftKings
  • See all of our NFL tips, strategies and related content here

Winning Money on FanDuel and DraftKings Winner: TIE!

Final Thoughts DraftKings vs FanDuel Football Leagues

I’ve been asked by a lot of our readers which is my favorite fantasy football site and if I could only recommend one site which one would it be? It would be They are the most entertaining, enjoyable and fun place to play fantasy football weekly leagues. Being able to select another FLEX position and not have to guess on a kicker is very cool.  If you have not played this style of fantasy football then you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Now with that being said I would recommend play BOTH websites. Why you ask?  Well the rules and scoring are each a little different that you would be surprised at which site you will do well on.  Just when I think I win more money on DraftKings, Ill have a bad week there, but it will turn out I did great on FanDuel with the sharper pricing since my value picks were great!

So for any football enthusiast, I would highly recommend setting up lineups on both sites, but you need to tailor your lineup creation to the rules of each website and you will win on FanDuel and DraftKings

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