Fantasy Football fans, I’m sure by you’ve seen these new FanDuel commercials while watching your favorite NFL team play or during hockey games or even hear one of their promotions when you’re listening on ESPN on the radio. I’m sure you hear them mention the FanDuel promo code to enter to get a deposit bonus when you sign up and play on FanDuel, but what if you forget it? Don’t worry, we have your back with the lasts FanDuel Promo Codes they site offers for Fantasy Football, Hockey, Basketball and more.

We also have tell you how to use the promo code and how the deposit bonus gets added to your account. Our exclusive FanDuel promo code is guaranteed to provide you with a 100% deposit bonus for 2015.


What is FanDuel and Daily Fantasy Sports

FanDuel offers one day fantasy games where you compete for real money. Your winnings are paid and deposited into your account the same day the contests end, its easy and hassle free!  New to Daily Fantasy Sports and trying to decide which website is best for you?  Click here to check out our complete FanDuel vs DraftKings review.


How to use A FanDuel Promo Code Bonus

Once you visit the FanDuel website, and click their Sign Up Now button you will see in the lower section of the form, ‘Got a promo code or referral username?’ Clicking this link will display a box which you will be able to enter our FanDuel promo code ‘LOCKDOWN’ into.

This FanDuel promo code will add a ‘Deposit Bonus’ to your account. This bonus is not available immediately, instead it is pending in your account and is earned gradually the more you enter contests.


Click here or a complete breakdown of how you receive your FanDuel deposit bonus.


To make sure that the promo code worked, you can check by looking in the top right hand corner of the FanDuel website when you log in. Just click on your username and a drop down menu will show your account balance as well as your pending bonus.


How is the FanDuel Bonus Calculated?

 The more contests you enter, the faster your bonus is added to your account, you can even use accrued bonus points to enter fantasy contests as well. You will see your bonus added at a rate of 4% of the entry fee for the games you compete in. So for every $100 you spend entering games, you’ll receive $4 of your bonus money. If you play more, you win more, and earn more of your promo code bonus money. If you need more information about how FanDuel releases your bonus money, visit their website for more detailed answers to your questions.


Why do Daily Fantasy Sports websites use this gradual release system, and why can’t I get that money now?

This has been a big question when it comes to daily fantasy promo code and deposit bonus money. By using this gradual release system FanDuel actually does a number of things. One is to discourage multiple accounts so people do not open accounts over and over to get instant access to bonus money they would have players with hundreds of accounts. Two is because it keeps them profitable. Their rake is about 20%, and they have to pay operating costs out of that money so holding back keeps that money from being withdraw without using the money that was deposited.

What Makes FanDuel the Biggest Website in Daily Fantasy Sports?

FanDuel is the the reason Daily Fantasy Sports or DFS is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. FanDuel has more players than all other Daily Fantasy Sports websites combined. They were the one of the early advertisers on radio and television when most competitors were not, but their success is due to more than those FanDuel promo code radio commercials. They have a cool website, mobile website, and app and have more players, more games, larger tournaments, bigger payouts, and have created more millionaires than any other website.

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