FanDuel & DraftKings Strategy: Low Cost Sleeper Picks

Win FanDuel DraftKings

Everybody that plays large millionaire maker or GPP tournaments on FanDuel or DraftKings at some point needs to fill out their lineups with some low cost, high upside players. Those players using the Salary Cap Crush have probably noticed a number of these on this weeks player value sheet.

If you are in one of those large GGP tournaments on FanDuel or DraftKings this week with 383,000 entries in it, you will have trouble winning your contest if you have the same lineup as 200,000 of those entries.

For those of you that didn’t notice or didn’t get your Salary Cap Crusher sheet this week, here are a few low salary high upside options to help you round out your lineup.


Davante Adams $5,500 (FanDuel) $4,400 (DraftKings) – His price looks good on both sites, but everybody is ALL over him.  Try James Jones instead.

James Jones $4,500 $4.200 – On DraftKings his price is very close to Davante Adams, but on FanDuel he is priced better, $4,500!  The Packers have not talked about Jones’ role, but I would imagine it would be pretty significant especially in the red zone where he had 13 TD’s a few years ago.  Add to that no Jordy Nelson.

Cole Beasley $3,200 – Another guy I used a lot at the end of last year.  Look to Beasley to get all the underneath stuff while Dez gets all the attention from the Giants.

Chris Ivory – Though not really a sleeper, his salary is cheap because of the Jets offense.  Manyu people figure as long as he gets in the end zone once he will be worth it.  I figure he gets in at least 2 TD’s and 100 yards.

Sam Bradford $7,500 FanDuel – I love me some Sam Bradford today.  He should have to throw a lot against the Atlanta Falcons with Matt Ryan and Julio Jones.  His price is very cheap which allows you to stack your lineup with other studs.

New York Jets Defense $2,900 – Say what you will about the Jets, but with all the free agent signings they should be much improved.  On DraftKings they are going for as little as $2,900 and they are playing the Cleveland Browns this week.  BTW, can you name me two receivers from that team?? Yeah I thought so.

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The Key to Winning FanDuel GPP Games

Win FanDuel DraftKings

Look for more than just upside when creating your GPP Lineups

Many daily fantasy sports players prefer looking for players with a high upside or a high-variance approach when playing in tournaments, for a number of reasons.  For starters, only elite lineups win GPP games, so finding players with a high ceiling is a smart move. GPP winners on FanDuel and DraftKings never have a bad player in the lineup, so stacking your lineup with guys that go off is essential.

But at what costs should you seek upside?

How much risk are we willing to take in order to get this high upside?

Should you look to draft players with a safe, high-floor, even if his ceiling isn’t as high?

These are questions that need to be considered when selecting your football team because it could really impact how we construct GPP tournament lineups.

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